VIDEO: Surinamese Village Barbecue + Beer Tasting in a Supermarket | Brownsweg, Suriname

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After over six hours of travel from Albina, Suriname sooner in the afternoon, I had arrived at the Browns-Mountain region near Brownsweg, Suriname. Come with me because my guide and I put off to have any Surinamese grill and beer at a local supermarket!

VIDEO: Surinamese Village Barbecue + Beer Tasting in a Supermarket | Brownsweg, Suriname

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The largest lake in all of Suriname is located at Browns-Mountain. It’s after a dam was built, a lake that was made in 1964. The lake covered an area that was a forest and filled up, so that there are a lot of dead trees!

VIDEO: Surinamese Village Barbecue + Beer Tasting in a Supermarket | Brownsweg, Suriname

The road to Brownsweg isn’t amazing but my buddy and direct Imro from Jenny Tours and I put off to go have dinner in the town. The meals in Suriname includes Javanese, Indian, Chinese, Dutch, African, and indigenous meals and is diverse. There’s so much selection and it’s all super yummy!

On our way down the muddy, dirt road, we seen a boa winding its own way. There’s never-ending wildlife from Suriname! We searched for a restaurant barbecue and drove around after coming in Brownsweg. After a while, we found a tiny restaurant selling some. This is exactly what village life is all about!

My Surinamese barbecue meal consisted of chicken with peanut sauce, also chips topped with ketchup and mayo. The chicken had a black flavor. The chicken was amazing along with the peanut sauce was amazing. It was sterile, using a charred taste and crispy skin. I adored it had been! It was like sweet and sour chicken.

The chips were amazing with all the peanut sauce. I could not stop eating it! The meal was like Southern barbecue using an undercover twist. The real bad thing is the fact that it was warmer inside than outside!

From that point, I wanted to find some beer. There are lots of different kinds, such as varieties from a Parbo bier along with France. We got a Parbo plus some Atlas beers. We purchased six! They came into a little under $8 USD. We tried them at the supermarket!

We began using the Atlas Ultra Strong, which will be alcohol. It had a different colour and has been OK. It had been robust and wasn’t my favorite. The Parbo was a perfect palate cleanser after the Atlas Ultra Strong. The Atlas was better than the 14% but still not great. I already started to sense them!

The Chiller Lime was like a lime juice also also has been another nice palate cleanser. Then we attempted the Atlas 8.5 percent, which was the best. It was great and mild.

I checked out a number of the clothes from the supermarket, which comprised shoes and camouflage hats. You can even buy a machete! There were also clothes which people wrap around neck or their head, and girls wear as a skirt.

The guy cut me a candle and a halfdozen. It cost me $3 USD. It would be ideal for protecting my throat from the sun! Meanwhile, we gave away the remainder of our beer. We did not want its remainder. I learned that there really are a whopping 8,000 supermarkets in Suriname and that they’re largely conducted by the neighborhood Chinese community. They’re everywhere!

I hope you appreciated coming with me to research Brownsweg during the night and also have some barbecue and beer!  If you’d like, make a comment please give this video a thumbs up, so that you don’t miss some of my forthcoming and then subscribe to my station travel/food adventures!

Have you ever attempted Surinamese barbecue and beer? Let me know in the comments below!

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