When You Want a World Travel, Get Started From Here…

Throughout your lifetime, I suppose you always have a idea for travelling? Take your back pack, and begin your first step. Nobody wanna overlook a very mysterious, graceful or interesting areas, so find a essential destination for the your travel is now important. Whether for honeymoon excursion, or group excursion single tour, there’s many attractions, which ones have you been to?

Bangkok, Thailand

“The city of angels”, a sounds-dulcet name, yeah, is a renowned name of the city Bangkok in Thailand, in which has the reputation of”the capital of Buddhist temples”. Bangkok, since the capital of Thailand in the yellowish Robe, is the middle of Thailand political, economical, cultural and transportation. The Buddhism in Thailand has very long history, along with strong oriental colour, a lot of temples, splendid royal palace, and temple full of magical legends.

No matter what kind of traveling or Thailand Honeymoon Trips, it will be one of your memorable experiences. Because there is local customs, sea and character waterfall without any pollution, cultural monuments… well, all of this has embellished the whole Thailand – where you can feel that the fusion of history and modernity. And there is┬ámany islands in Thailand. On the island, some are filled with bustle and hustle, and a few are more peaceful, you can sense the liberty. In the summertime, you may enjoy the shinning blue coast and clear sky, whilst in the day, you can sit in the shore an watch the sunset. It will be a wonderful scene!

American Grand Canyon

The American Grand Canyon is a famous natural wonder in the world, where the Colorado River that’s one of UNESCO’S protected natural heritage flows through here. There is different scene for different line. If you are not hurry, the writer recommend self-driving, and then bus group. You can’t just take photos and listen the present from a manual. Hiking will supply you the very beautiful and one of a kind scenery, but please do not own a move if you dont have enough hiking experience.

United Arab Emirates

The beautiful United Arab Emirates is popularly known as the”Pearl of the Arab World”, where perfectly integrates luxury style and traditional faith. Whether the Golden Desert, The sailing resort or the Atlantis Resort, they’re the dream places of the world aspires to, with no doubts. When you’re in the luxury top hotel, you’ll have the chance to go through the aristocratic support. Just like a palace at”One Thousand and One Nights”. A lot of wealthy stars come here for vacation or honeymoon.


Ireland, just the name, you will love it! Although it lies close to Arctic Circle, You can see a noble and elegant castle hotels, the extensively green hills, and distinctive seaside villages, all of this has rendered the history and nature in Ireland. Here the writer highly recommend a sweet in Ireland – the chocolate in Ireland is so famous. Notably the handmade chocolate has lots of tastes for your pick. The more curious is, you can discover shape-changing chocolate, together with mellow and glossy taste. You can share with your lover that the sweet chocolate as enjoy.

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